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Outsource your marketing team!

We will help you and your brand not to worry about marketing processes. Our mission is to establish a reliable and trustworthy connection between gaming audiences and content creators, ensuring your brand’s success.


We are committed to helping our partners overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

In the video game industry, PR processes often revolve around sending press releases to specific media and influencers. At our marketing agency, we go beyond that, helping your company convey your message in a simple and engaging way that resonates with your audience. Our services build a stable bridge between players and game developers, with compelling content along the way. We work closely with you to identify your key performance indicators and target audience, enabling us to select popular and trustworthy influencers to help achieve your goals.

Take a look at our experience

Backed by decades of proven experience, our team is equipped to help you exceed your goals and reach new heights.​ Let us partner with you to elevate your brand and drive your success forward.

Our passion is video games

Over the past 9 years, we've established a track record of success in the gaming industry, working with major projects and esteemed clients, such as Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Kujlevka, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, The Mildew Children, and Remnant: From the Ashes. Our dedication to delivering top-notch marketing solutions has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.




Global Influencer Database

With our expertise, we carefully handpick influencers with the necessary information skills and a loyal audience that aligns with your brand's values.​


Gaming Media Database

We specialize in compiling a comprehensive Global gaming media database to enhance your brand's visibility, ensuring that you have access to the most relevant media contacts.


Marketing Strategy

Our team will work with you to develop a creative marketing strategy plan for your game, leading up to the release date, so your project will receive the maximum buzz to drive sales.


Influencers Outreach

We have extensive experience in influencer marketing and will take care of crafting personalized messages and managing communications with content creators.


Media Outreach

Relax and let us share exciting news about your project with the gaming media on your behalf.


Social Media Strategy

We'll work with you to identify your target audience, develop a SM strategy, and execute SM campaigns that boost your game's popularity.


Press-kit Development

Our team will craft a compelling press kit that includes all the most important information about your project, ensuring that journalists and media outlets have everything they need to cover your game.


Press-release Development

We make impactful press releases that showcase the unique game features and capture the attention of influencers and media.


Content Plan Development

We'll prepare a list of amazing and creative content ideas that are tailored to your target audience and designed to increase engagement and drive results across all of your socials.


Video Editing

Whether you need a trailer, gameplay footage, or promotional video, we've got you covered with our expertise in video production.


2D & 3D Assets

Our team of skilled designers and animators specialize in developing high-quality assets. Let's make eye-catching visuals to promote your game.


Digital Marketing Strategy

We help you launch targeted, data-driven campaigns that increase visibility and boost sales for your game.


Gaming Events

We take care of managing your participation in various online and offline gaming events, so you can focus on what you do best - developing great games.


Weekly & Monthly reports

Understanding the importance of keeping our friends informed about the impact of our marketing efforts, we provide regular weekly and monthly reports that detail the results of our campaigns.


Social Media Moderation

Effective SM management requires ongoing monitoring to ensure your channels remain active and responsive. Our moderators take care of that 24/7.



We offer ongoing consultation services. You will get valuable insights and guidance on all aspects of game development, marketing, and promotion.


Localization & QA

Our team helps devs with localization and quality assurance services, so their games are accurately translated into the most popular languages and well tested to ensure a nice user experience.



Sometimes, game developers need to talk to their audience directly via streams. We handle everything from production and hosting to promotion and engagement.

Weloveplayers and game events

The companies we've worked with


We do the marketing stuff, like game publishers do, but we do not claim intellectual property rights or % of game profit. The prices are very good for indie-devs. Additionally, we create weekly/monthly reports, so you can track our work.
Please, contact us directly to see our prices. The contact data waits for you at the bottom of the webpage.
That’s right. We do work with them.
Of course. You can check the reviews in the middle of the webpage, which were made by people from video gaming industry. Feel free to contact them, if you still have some concerns.
We work remotely via Slack — a messaging program, made for professional communication. It’s as easy as Discord. We communicate daily via text and calls.
Yes, we use B2B and B2C contracts.
No. A game needs to be promoted via media, influencers, Social Media, and BizDev. Usually, game developers do not have enough time, specialists, and experience to do it.
Usually, we provide our services for 2-6 months. Though, you can prolong a contract with us.
You can split a month payment into several amounts.

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We always develop individual approaches and conditions for each client because we value their uniqueness. Text us via email hey@weloveplayers.com or Telegram to discuss our future collaboration or ask a question.
We always develop individual approaches and conditions for each client because we value their uniqueness. Text us via email hey@weloveplayers.com or Telegram to discuss our future collaboration or ask a question.

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